Karoliina teaches ALL the techniques and methods she has developed, and uses as a full time feltmaker, over the last 25 years.
Learn a high degree of control of colour, design and form, without the need for any supplementary cutting, sewing, or needle felting. Make highly decorative, thick felts, with turned, not cut, edges of any shape or form. A felted wall hanging will stand up for itself… Literally!
We believe felting is a technique that is taught uniquely by feel and touch and our classes are suitable for beginner felters.

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One of the main aspects of this masterclass is composing the images….. Painting and drawing with wool fibres. The other aspects are fine workmanship and felting quality, control of line, form and edges.

During the class we will touch on a few different artistic techniques such as composition, proportion and colour theory as necessary.

Learn to play with colours and contrast, light and shade, not forgetting colour contrasts…

Do something that inspires you!! There are no hard and fast rules as to what kind of image suits this technique. We’ll help you achieve what you want.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Practical requirements…
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and have some kind of waterproof apron (note: there will be soap and water on the floor.)
An old cotton or linen smooth single bed sheet. (Larger than the work)
A Bamboo roller blind as wide as the work (Matchstick Blind with small even sticks)
2 bowls, one small for soap, one larger for water, and a bucket.
a piece of stiff, non-metallic mosquito netting or Pet/Door Screen (80 x 80cm)
a piece of soft nylon/polyester “net-curtain” or Voile. Fine silky mesh, no texture or “grain”. (Full size if possible…80 x 80cm min.)
A pool “Noodle”
Savon de Marseille, or similar basic, non-perfume soap. No liquid soaps or “goo” please.
A smooth rolling pin will be useful
Bring a selection of wool yarns, silk, and any other wool or fibres you would like to use